Sunday, May 30, 2010


Katie got her "driver's license" during our recent trip to Legoland.

Virtually all the other kids were laughing and driving into the curbs and each other.

Not Katie.

She was all business -- two hands on the wheel, weaving around the mini car crashes.

Last week her best boy friend (that's what she calls Jake) proudly presented her with his picture.

She has since tucked the picture into her wallet along with her license which she has been carrying around with her.


Kati said...

has Song busted out his shotgun and rocking chair yet?

ricebabies said...

Kids are seriously the most adorable and fun thing about life. I love stories like this.
I cant stop smiling.

I love that she was all business, guess it's a little insight to her possible adult personality, a good trait....especially when driving. he he

jozen said...

awe! how cute! pia just discovered purses. she stores her "cell phone" , 2 pieces of play bread and some crayons in there.

i was laughing my head off!