Sunday, August 7, 2011

running or shopping: hmm...

This morning I asked Katie if she wanted to go with me running and then to play at the park, or if she wanted to go to a couple of garage sales.

She picked garage sales (that's my girl).

Ever since I picked up my blue suitcase awhile back, she has been lobbying to use it.

This morning, we found a blue suitcase for her.

It's heavier than mine, which might prove difficult for her when it's packed, but she "had" to have it.

And, when I saw the matching little case, I kind of felt the same way.

We scored both for $15 which I was quite pleased about.

Later we happened upon a lady who had a table full of thousands of broaches, clip on earrings (none of which matched) and other trinkets. She called it her 25 cent table.

I told Katie she could spend $1.

She picked four charms. We found a necklace on the table which worked perfectly to attach them to and with the help of some needle-nose pliers... voila!

Yes, there are only three charms on the bracelet. One was lost in the car as she was admiring them on the drive home.

Still, a very happy Katie.


jozen said...

what great finds! our garage sales are no good up here :(

jen@odbt said...

great finds! she has a cute bracelet that she can add to when you go shopping again.

ricebabies said...

That's so cute.

When are you going to Hawaii? I am sending you an email.

Jenn Kirk said...

Ventura has the BEST treasures. I miss being able to just go down the street to check out the latest at Salvation Army. Love all your milk glass vases in your latest post too.