Tuesday, August 2, 2011

the baby is officially

The only two requests Mo had were:

"Me want jump rope party," and "Me want pink and yewow party."

And, so it was.

The week before the party, the girls and I painted a bunch of frames pink and yellow which we hung from the tree in the front.

There was pink and yellow play-doh (easy recipe here).

There were bubbles and a pull-string pinata which rained candy down on the kids.

Mo was beat at the end of day. She straight passed out watching her show before bed.

Happy Birthday Mo!


jen@odbt said...

Happy 3rd Birthday to Mo!!! What a fun party. Love the color combination of pink and yellow - so happy and festive.

jozen said...

what a sweet sweet party! happy birthday mo!

Lana Lulu Handmade said...

Oh I Love it! You did a great job Becky! Mo looks so darling in her pink and yellow dress.