Sunday, December 19, 2010


We received some wonderful steaks and a roast from my father-in-law for our Christmas gift.

Much like toy/diaper boxes, the packaging itself proved to be loads of fun.

When scientist Papa came home and saw there was dry ice he quickly went to work to showcase its wares.

At first the girls were scared of it.

But after awhile, blowing the "smoke" proved to be fun.

None of my pictures of Mo turned out unfortunately, but she too enjoyed blowing the "smoke" around.

Katie and Maddie took turns stirring the boiling water.

Later, Papa made pieces of Tupperware explode when he sealed small pieces of dry ice in them.

It proved to be fun for all the the kids in the family.


Sandy a la Mode said...

Hehe i used think dry ice was the coolest thing!! Well i still think its neat!!

ricebabies said...

too much fun. Good pictures, smoke is hard plus we are getting into the low lighting seasons, its harder to get really good pictures.

I'm happy to hear you too enjoyed the Nutcracker, the book is a good way to get them started. Wonder Pets save the Nutcracker is also really good. haha