Thursday, December 23, 2010

storm watch 2010

My husband and I always joke that whenever it rains in So Cal it's big media news, e.g., you'll see a reporter holding a piece of hail on the 5 o'clock news as if she found a dinosaur bone.

I do have to say it has been raining a lot.

It's a good thing the Little Wickies never get tired of jumping in water - ocean, stream, rain or otherwise.

Yes, that's this hat that Katie used to wear all the time.

This is Katie peeking under my umbrella. Gotta protect the point and shoot.

We brought out some plastic fish and the girls loved chasing them down.
Katie would let the fish get a 15-foot start.

And, then go tearing down the street to catch up to it.

Multiple people slowed down as they drove by to wave at the girls. A couple people rolled down their windows to say things like, "Ah, to be young again" which I thought was sweet.

As I type the sky is clear, but rain is forecasted again this weekend and there is another storm rolling in the following week as well.

Hope the boots dry out by then!


jen@odbt said...

It does look like so much fun! I've been thinking of you all in CA. Are you ready to build an ark? I'm glad to see the blue skies in the background...hopefully Mother Nature will cooperate and give you all a dry sunny Christmas.

Geoyce said...

You have the CLEANEST street and rain water I've ever seen!

Small Burst said...

oh my gosh-the girls are so cute. They look adorable playing around in the puddles. These are great photos too! Hope it's drying up out there. Merry Christmas!

jozen said...

so cute!! i did see your rain make MY local news yesterday! LOL. hope your christmas is merry and your new year blessed!

Sandy a la Mode said...

haha i heard about all the crazy rain you got!! glad your girls were able to have fun in it!! :) happy holidays!!!

dana said...

oh your girls are so cute! We were there for a bit of the rain and it was crazy! Darling photos and Lucy has that same light blue jacket. We love it.
Merry Christmas to you and your cute little ones!