Wednesday, December 1, 2010

library goodness

We had taken a hiatus from the library for awhile and just got back into the groove of borrowing books regularly again.

We're really liking some of our choices this time. Namely this book.

I love the illustrations, and the story is just charming.

It's the story of a land (a long time ago) that had no color.

The local wizard invents the color blue.

He paints his house this great new color to the envy of all the town.

Next thing you know.

The whole town is blue. But, after awhile the town starts to feel blue.

So, the wizard invents yellow.

The town goes crazy for the new color. But, after awhile everyone has a headache from squinting (yellow is very bright).

So, the wizard invents red and they literally paint the town with it.

But eventually red puts everyone in an angry and violent mood.

So, the wizard tries to make a new color but can only make those three colors which eventually spill into each other in the wizard's non-OSHA controlled basement and...

He invents all the colors of the world.

The town people wonder which color to use next, but the wizard insists they use all of them.

I may have to find this book and purchase it.

I would love to get some more books this holiday season for the girls.

What books do you love that maybe aren't in the Barnes & Noble Top 40? (because we have all of those -- and all those blasted Dora books too.)

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annabski said...

The Circus Ship is an absolute must! Katie might light Jan Brett too, super interesting illustrations and cute stories. The MItten is a popular one.