Friday, December 31, 2010

top 10 of 2010

It's been a good year. Here are my top 10 photo picks for the year.

#1 - BFFs
The girls have truly become best friends this year. We moved them into the same room, their beds pushed together so they can be close. The biggest punishment for them is to be separated. Watching them play and laugh together is the best. I love hearing the conversations between them (no longer just a Kaitlyn monologue).

#2 - Little Wickies experience snow
At the end of 2009 Katie told someone, "I know where there's snow -- the mall!" (where they dump some "snow" in the parking lot one day a year). It was at that point we decided we should take the girls to actual snow.

#3 - The yellow girl
Maddie has embraced yellow as her favorite color. She will walk through a store and grab at anything yellow -- shirts, shorts, shoes -- her size or not and proclaim, "yewow e my favreet, me get dis?"

#4 - the performer
We knew Kaitlyn liked being in shows -- ballet, tap, etc. but this year she joined choir and that like turned to love. The girls received a karaoke machine for Christmas from Halmoni and now regularly stand on the fireplace (the designated stage in our house) and belt out everything from holiday songs to Broadway tunes.
#5 - my little maria
Speaking of Broadway musicals. Kaitlyn decided this year to be Maria from the Sound of Music for Halloween. You have no idea how happy I was after a year of being obsessed with princesses (they still dress up as them all the time, but this was a surprising and refreshing ask from Katie)

#6 - fashion by Mo
I no longer dress either girl -- they won't let me. While Mo's personality is fairly easy-going, when she wants something, she can be more than adamant. You've gotta love what they think looks great.

#7 - things that spin, drop and fly
Kaitlyn got her fill of rides this year as we were fortunate enough to experience Disneyland for the first time (thanks again Chris), Legoland and Seaworld. The good: Katie was tall enough to go on a lot of rides by herself; the bad: Maddie doesn't seem to share her sister's passion for having her equilibrium shaken.

#8 -we heart the beach
Whenever it was warm enough (and even on some days that weren't) we dropped just about everything and headed to the beach. After a good rainfall this Spring we were treated to wildflowers on the hillsides which made our regular beach that much more beautiful.

#9 - this girl
Start a sentence with "who likes..." and Maddie's hand shoots up regardless of how that sentenced is finished. Ask, "Who likes to eat garbage?!" and she will happily reply, "me!"

#10 - appreciation
...for each other -- our wonderful friends, for the ocean, for our family.

Wishing everyone a happy and prosperous 2011!


jozen said...

happy new year to you and your sweet girls!!! i just love this post to pieces....

all the best for 2011!!!

ricebabies said...

OH, that is such a good idea. Happy New Year hopefully it's filled with many more like these.

Erin said...

This post is just sooo cute. I have a three year old. I just adore this. :)

Alely L. said...

happy new year! love your top 10 for 2010! i especially love the first one! super sweet! take care friend!

dana said...

What a cute recap. Love the all yellow girl. Darling kids! I'm working on a year of photos too. I should probably slim mine down though. I like your top 10 idea.

Kati said...

great post!! and wonderful pics...your pics alone have sold me on requesting a dslr camera for my 33rd in june!!!

Stasia said...

I so love the little wickies and miss seeing them in person (where they are even brighter and more fun than the awesome pictures show). Thanks for keeping up with your blog and sharing the girls with us. We heart Maddie and Katie! XO

Stasia & Ryder

Small Burst said...

Happy New Year and what beautiful pictures. I love, love the last one. Gorgeous! I wish you and your family a wonderful year full of beautiful memories.

Jen said...

I love how both your girls are just so dang full of life and happy to show it! Their clothes and activities just show how much fun they are having and it's fabulous. Great post!