Friday, December 3, 2010

in love all over again

Got a call yesterday letting me know they were going to replace my SLR with a new one.

I hustled down last night after dinner and got it.

Took it out for a spin this afternoon.

The tide was low and we were able to walk up to the pylons normally residing underwater. We examined all the barnacles and little creatures who lived on them.

Katie always finds the "perfect" rock on our walks.

I have repeatedly tried to explain that we aren't supposed to take rocks home from the beach -- that they are there for a reason.

I caved and let her take home a little red one today.

The girls had never been out of the pier (I know, we live here). So we ventured out to the end. We saw fishermen catch some questionably small fish as well as some little crabs.

It wasn't until we turned to head back to shore that we realized the fog had crept in. As I was shooting, I found myself wishing the lamp posts were on. What a wanna-be-photographer nerd, right?


Small Burst said...

so great that your camera was replaced. I love that last photo of the girls in the fog. and those camera bags are gorgeous. i need to ask santa for one of those.

Sandy a la Mode said...

awww these are such beautiful photos of your girls!! that's awesome you were able to get your camera replaced!!

joyfulgirl said...

LOVE those pictures, especially the one with the rocks behind and the pretty. LOVE the camera too. thanks so much for the trial run. i'll post soon. promise:)