Saturday, February 13, 2010

tooth fairy party

I thought I had it tough when Katie asked for a Minnie & Goofy party, until my friend Carrie's daughter asked for a tooth fairy party.

She's 3. Probably at least 3 years from losing her first tooth.

What moms do for their kids.

There were tooth fairy wand crafts, games where tooth fairy dust was collected and transported in spoons.

There was tooth fairy story time. There was the proverbial pin the tooth on the mouth game.

And, then there was this.
This had "dad" written all over it. There was a ladder at the left of the yard, and one to the right.

In the end it took five dads to operate this grand finale event.

Because the tooth fairy flies, right?


jen@odbt said...

What a cute theme - very unique for that age group. The "flying" zip line definitely had dad written all over it. PS: I'm so jealous you all are in shorts and tee's.

wanted: stroke of genius said...
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susan said...

carrie says she's not crafty but by the looks of things she has a martha stewart gene in her! looks like it was super fun!!! miss you guys!

dana said...

great party idea! That zip line looks way too cool.