Saturday, February 27, 2010


Mommy & Katie's cleats

Katie played soccer for the first time today.

It rained, so she didn't have a chance to wear her new cleats as they played inside instead.

(Should have bought her some Sambas!)

She has been wanting to sign up for soccer for some time now.

You'd think I wouldn't have hesitated.

But, I did.
I wanted to make sure she wasn't too young, the program she was the best fit for her, etc. so she would be set up to have the most positive experience possible.

Because deep down inside I want her to love soccer like I do.

I usually try to get her excited about whatever activity she's going to start.

This time, I found myself being cautious, trying not to build it up too much in the weeks leading up to the first day.

Yes, her penny is on upside down (Papa).

She ended up really liking it.

Basically she just ran back and forth and sometimes in circles trying to kick the ball.

Just like mom does.


miyo b. said...

looks like it was a great first experience!! dylann wants to watch her play so badly - maybe next week.

lanakae said...

Like mother like daughter! It looks like she really enjoys it!! Wonder if she'll ever be interested in volleyball?

lydia said...

super cute! reminds me of the AYSO days. hope she gets to be a little athlete just like mama. =)

jen@odbt said...

Love the pink polka dot shoes with the shin guards. She's got the soccer face going. With her genes, she's going to be a soccer star.

joyfulgirl said...

wow, look at her go. she looks like she's going to be a ferocious soccer chic. maya did indoor soccer the last couple months and really liked chasing the crowd following the ball. that was about the extent of it.