Monday, February 22, 2010

taking flight

Katie loves making things with construction paper. She figures out how to make something and the next thing we know -- she goes into mass production -- and we have dozens upon dozens of that widget.

Recently she has been making airplanes.

And, she has been unstoppable. They become daily "gifts" to family members and friends. She even put them inside choice valentines this year.

I feel so bad throwing away Katie's art. So last week I surprised her by taking five of my favorite airplanes that complimented her green and purple room and did this.

She was very excited.

This one is my favorite because it has flames coming out the back.

Now at bedtime we lie down and look up, blow some "wind" at the fleet and watch them glide around.


jen@odbt said...

What a great idea. I bet she loved it. My kids love seeing their stuff displayed too.

Stasia said...

Again, I feel like I'm repeating myself, but you are so darn creative, Becky! What a beautiful idea, I'm sure Katie will remember those airplanes even when she is much older. What a sweet way to end the day. :)

miyo b. said...
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Brianna said...

such a good idea becky! love the thought of them flying in the "wind". Cool mom you are.

joyfulgirl said...

whoops! i didn't know i was on bri's account. that teenager keeps me on my toes.