Friday, February 26, 2010

and don't forget to hydrate

Katie and I were watching the Olympic ski cross competition where four skiers were racing down an insanely steep and winding course.

“They are going too fast Mama.”

“That’s the point honey, to win the race.”

“They are going too fast to stop to get a drink. What if they get thirsty?"

And, then...

"I don’t see any drink places to stop for them.”

Still later:

“That guy in the front is not being nice. He’s not letting anyone else be in the front.”

Side notes: who else wishes they were in Milan this week?! Loved the Versace finale, just looked like Valley of the Dolls to me. Also really liked some of the apron dresses and silk stuff from Fendi and Ferretti. They looked like they came out of The Great Gatsby.


jen@odbt said...

She's very observant. I'm always worried they're going to trip over each others skis.

pixelhazard said...

How sweet! You have a very considerate little one on your hands :)