Wednesday, July 7, 2010

a sampling of her collection

When we were in San Diego Katie raided the brochure rack in our hotel and made some major additions to her collection -- of brochures.

She'll sit and pour over each one. She's always liked maps, so the combination of a map plus an amusement park is proving to be beyond riveting to her.

In recent weeks her obsession has reached new heights. Instead of choosing books at night before bed she chooses a brochure.

The process goes something like this:

Step 1: You chose how tall you are going to be.

Step 2: You chose how old you are going to be.

Step 3: We start the adventure using the map as the guide, choosing rides in accordance with the height and age requirements detailed for each ride. We discuss which will be a fast ride, which one spins too much for Papa to go on, etc.

This morning she was getting all fired up about the upcoming summer fair proclaiming "I want to go on all the rides this time with Dylann and Lia and Hayley and Jake and Amelia and... (there were a ton more names mentioned but you get the idea, right?)"


Kati said...

okay, that is the cutest thing! but you're a better woman than I....I think I could do one..maybe 2 nights of "reading" brochures. Then I would start to make them disappear! =)

Jennifer said...

and to go through the whole adventure with her... I would have read it, explain that it was boring, and moved on.

Fun Parents, Katie has. I like it.

jen@odbt said...

She's got quite an imagination. I remember doing the same thing was fun to look at the maps and plan out adventures.

Alely L. said...

that is too cute!