Wednesday, July 14, 2010

it's coming

Today me and the Little Wickies headed over to the flea market that takes place every Wednesday in our town.

Katie was excited because she had never been before and wanted to "know about flea markets" because that's where Mama shops (without her).

We walked through a lot of garage sale-type stuff and shared a burrito from the roach coach.

Everything was good.

Until it went to great.

Katie stopped dead in her tracks to see...

sorry about the poor picture, I (gasp) didn't have my camera and took this with my phone.

a bunch of newly arrived fair rides in the corner of the parking lot.

We ventured closer.

She walked through carefully studying each collapsed ride, looking for ones she might recognize.

Man, that girl is excited about the Fair.


miyo b. said...

we are very excited about the fair too - we mailed in our "book reports" a few days ago for our ride passes.

jen@odbt said...

Love local fairs. I can't wait to see your pictures. I wonder if Katie is up for the bigger rides this year.

Alely L. said...

awwww....super cute!