Saturday, July 17, 2010

baby beach squad

It's been hot this week.

We hit the beach up twice and while I have a ton of pictures of all the fun that took place, I thought I'd dedicate this one to all the little ones.

First up, Ms. Madeleine who (gasp) let me do her hair, hence you can actually see her face which is rare these days.

Noah took his first trip to the beach and got all nice and sandy.

Makayla flirted with the lifeguard. She literally had her little toes pointed up in the air at one point but I managed to miss that.

More Mo.
Logan, who was drawn like a magnet to any and all chairs with animals on them.

Mo, unhappy about a group shot with Makayla and Georgia.

I'll post some pics of the big kids' adventures at the beach a little later.

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Alely L. said...

the beach is always a blast for the little ones...oh, and big ones too!