Monday, March 22, 2010

the nanny? so cliche

I love that Spring seems to usher in traveling art exhibits in Southern California. I've done a pretty good circuit over the past month or so. I saw the Renoir sketches at the Getty -- also saw this and this.

I'm partial to paintings, though I do usually check out the other art on exhibit. I haven't taken the Little Wickies with me yet. Maybe soon.

One my favorite Renoirs is Gabrielle and Jean (pictured right). I always thought this was such a sweet picture of a mother and child. When at LACMA I learned that it was his nanny and his boy. Renoir also painted her in the nude all. the. time. I know, it's art and he found inspiration where he found it. But still, I'm a wife after all.

Gabrielle (the nanny) is more than prominent in so many of his paintings. She's the one in the beautifully renown painting which graces the banners currently hanging in the streets of Los Angeles (left).

Do you think his wife rolled in her grave a little when they placed that painting on the cover of the Website and brochure, and then on the banners?

side note: my article "Caught Mid-Stride in Life" appeared in the magazine Mommies Magazine if you want to check it out.


jen@odbt said...

Great article. I always thought I'd be a jet-setter, power suit kind of woman. And here I am, jeans, tee and ponytail with the biggest smile on my face and my heart full. As Katie says "goody goody goody" :)

ricebabies said...

So many great artist have stories like that. You fall in love with the art but not so much the story behind it. I am a wife too, I think the wifes accepted a lot in that time. it's a shame. I think of Frida and Deigo, if my husband slept with my sister...well...I shouldnt write more. ha ha

Love the blog, my littles are halfies too and we just baked cookies today. he he

Drop by tomorrow and I should have it up.

imblerfamily said...

Sad but true & entirely my fault. I've just learned more about any kind of art & artist from reading your blog than I have in years! Let me be perfectly honest and say I'll also probably use this info to drop knowledge on someone just to seem impressive! haha Thank you, I feel so cultured.

dakotasmommy said...

Hahahah Candice that is something I could totally see myself doing. Becky great article. It is interesting to me to be surrounded by so many well-educated women who have decided to stay home with their babies and it is really awesome.

joyfulgirl said...

Really liked that article, Becky. So true that the "success" that we sometimes strive for can be the least fulfilling and the success of a loving, screaming, laughing family...the most.

Jen said...

I just love the "successful" people that think you've given up so much as a woman to be working in the home, just being a "mom". Guess it's our little secret how much we get back, just being "mom".