Tuesday, March 16, 2010

good investment

There aren't a lot of toys that have proven their longevity in our household. The stackable cups, the tea set from Grandma Beth and the Fridge Farm magnet set on our dishwasher are all front runners in this category.

But the little blue kitchen is a clear -- if not the -- winner.

Picture taken on my cell phone ages ago.

This kitchen was Katie's birthday present on her second birthday. The girls still play with this virtually every day.

What are longtime favorites in your home?


Kati said...

love the little buns!

I'd have to say that the Busy Ball Popper, and the miles of train tracks/trains are our go-to toys.

jen@odbt said...

Probably plasma cars...all the kids in the 'hood like to ride ours even the ones that are too cool for school. Love the photo.

miyo b. said...

our dollhouse! dylann is either playing with the kitchen or the dollhouse - another great investment!

imblerfamily said...

All I can think of to say right now is, "Wow, Katie cooks like I do...without pants on!" haha Cute!

Okay, does T.V. count as their favorite "toy"!?

Loser Mom here!

Jen said...

The Little Tikes red buggy push car that both girls still love to be pushed around in. Take that puppy to the park and watch 'em swarm, it's like a little kid magnet.