Sunday, March 7, 2010

it's a hard knock life... for mom

On the tip of a friend Katie and I went and saw a local production of Annie.

It was called Annie Jr. meaning the more "adult" parts of the play were taken out (think drunk Miss Hannigan dancing around in lingerie.)

I thought this would be fine.

On the way there I started outlining the story for her and it was then the questions starting coming at me as if shot from a tommy gun.

"What do you mean she doesn't have any parents? Where did they go? Why do they call them orphans?"


When the show began, the questions rained down fast and furious.

"Why are they sleeping on the floor?"

"Where are they?" It doesn't look like they are inside, there is a window, see Mama."

"How old is Annie?"

"Who is dressed up as the dog? That's a real dog?!"

"Is that her real hair?"

"It doesn't look red to me, more brownish."

"Is the big girl on the left wearing a wig?"

"Is that boy wearing a wig?"

"Is the little girl wearing a wig?"

"Is that a grown up or a kid?"

We made it to intermission and that's about it.

Clearly we need some more "prep" work before going into our next play.


jen@odbt said...

Haven't done the play thing yet but definitely been there. It happens all the time during movies.

Jen said...

Yep, I answered questions for the first twenty minutes and then they were spread throughout and for the next day or two afterwards. I cringed every time Miss Hannigan said "shut up" or "I'll beat ya." Perfect for my sponge of a 4 year old.

Laura said...

I commend you for even attempting to take her to a play. I'm impressed.

imblerfamily said...

Doesn't it seem like we never questioned things like this when we were little...funny! And look how good we all turned out! haha Seems we just took it all at face value - like the BradyBunch (6 kids mixing nicely under one roof), 3 Is Company and all the sexual innuendos (my mom didn't let us watch it though), etc., etc. I often find myself gasping when I see something I read or watched when I was little and now think I'd really rather my kids not see that yet!

joyfulgirl said...

i was just thinking about how we missed that play and was wondering how it was. question answered. maybe in a couple years, eh?