Wednesday, March 10, 2010

friends, french painters and food -- oh my!

Susan, Carrie and I go back.

Way back.

We've been through it all over the past couple of decades.

The good -- trips to New Orleans and wine country, weddings, babies
The bad -- a frightening trio of boyfriends starting with the letters "O, A and Z"
And, the ugly -- illness, family feuds and more

Susan hasn't lived in California since high school so time together isn't all that frequent. Luckily her best friend Carrie is great at hosting her when she is in town.

Yesterday we headed out to LACMA to see the Renoir exhibit. Then we were spoiled rotten at Tavern by my brother.

Oh, and if you need a laugh click here to see Susan's post re: our husbands.


miyo b. said...

omg!!! those are some great impressions!!! i'm dying over here!

Tara said...

You guys look fab!! It's so nice that you're all still tight! Oh, and I like your bag...

Lyndsay said...

Seriously, those were awesome! I can't stop laughing!!

joyfulgirl said...

love.old.friends. nothing can replace them. thanks for the reminder:)

Laura said...

I have got to see Song do the elephant. That was too good.