Sunday, February 27, 2011

scott & amy

My little brother and Amy got married last week.

He's 34, but in my mind's eye he's somewhere around 16.

But in reality, he's a man, a father and now, a husband.

I love the look on the couple's faces when they turn to their friends as family for the first time as husband and wife -- it's so telltale and happy.

At first glance this next picture you'll think, "oh what a nice picture of brother, sister and the Little Wickies," that is, until you scroll down to Mo.

But that's what makes the picture so fantastic.

Baby Charlotte looked as sweet (if not so much bigger) than ever.

Then, as I'm sure every newlywed couple expects to do on their wedding day -- we went decorate cupcakes at SweetSpot Baker's Workshop.

The night was finished off with Korean BBQ.

The Little Wickies played "wedding" the whole next day -- going to the extent of making construction paper flowers to hold as their bouquets, taking turns as bride, bridesmaid and flower girl.

They can not wait for the "big wedding" as they now refer to it where they have been promised the roles of flower girls.


Kati said...

ahhhh, playing wedding! that is great!! congrats on officially gaining a SIL!

jen@odbt said...

Love weddings. They look gorgeous. Congrats to the newlyweds!

Small Burst said...

cograts to your brother and amy! I wish them many years of happiness and bliss. we had korean bbq this weekend. i love when you can cook the meal at your table but my jacket still smells like a restaurant. I have to take it to the cleaners! LOL.

dana said...

Okay, I would swear that SHE is your sister! (rather than your brother being your brother :) haah).
You guys have the same eyes! What a lovely couple. I LOVE weddings!

ricebabies said...

You and your brother don't look a lot alike. I guess you get that a lot?

I have three sisters and someone asked if we all had different dads. ha ha

Congrats to the newly weds.