Monday, February 14, 2011

tide pools and good friends

We had a nice little warm spell last week and were able to squeeze in two beach days.

On Saturday, low tide provided for tide pools and sand bars.

So, the boogie boards didn't see any surf, just tide pools.

It was a really nice day. We only had the two big girls who played wonderfully together with very, very little fighting.

Me and Miyo actually got to lay around a bit and talk.

Like I said, it was really nice.

Their "tent."


ricebabies said...

wow, I wish we were having weather like that here. I wish I could skip right over jan, feb and head to the end of March. ha ha

miyo b. said...

that was pretty darn nice - looking forward to more days like that this year!

jozen said...

one word: jealous.

it snowed, rained and hailed here today.. yes all in one day.