Tuesday, February 8, 2011

project: blue desk

Awhile back I found this on a curb when I was out on a run.

It had been sitting in the garage but now that the girls are in the same room and we have playroom/office I thought it was time to start working on it so we could bring it inside.

Step 1: sanding.

Don't call CPS on me, but I can totally see why little dexterous hands are good for certain kinds of labor.

Katie was awesome at sanding the small crevices.

Katie learned that sanding is a lot of work.

We sanded until we made the whole desk look like the bottom part of this picture.

Step 2: taping and spraying with a rust-covering base.

Step 3: painting. Katie picked a light blue.

Step 3: varnish and... voila!

Now Katie and I both have desks in the playroom/office and she is one happy camper.

What are the odds I'm going to find another desk on the street for Maddie?


annabski said...

Seriously, I love that! If I find three, will you do two for me?

jen@odbt said...

What a great find! Katie is going to have fun creating.

dana said...

Cute Becky! love it!

Kati said...

LOVE IT!! way too cute!

ricebabies said...

I would LOVE a desk like that. Great job.