Friday, February 4, 2011

happy year of the i-don't-care-it's-a-good-reason-to-eat-steamed-fish-and-peking-duck

We got together tonight with some friends to celebrate Chinese New Year.

Now, to be honest, I'm pretty much what you would call a "banana." I know way too little about the actual holiday, or about Chinese history and heritage in general.

I do however, know and appreciate a good Chinese dinner.

Katie and I made some New Year treats during quiet time.

No these aren't traditional Chinese fare. They are just sugar cookies with what I think is a symbol for "spring."

I found a tutorial here.

We used an entire bottle of red dye and the icing still looked bubble gum pink.

My characters generally looked more like fleur-de-Lis, especially the first half dozen or so.

But, they tasted yummy and our friends seemed to enjoy them.

Happy Chinese New Year!


dana said...

Cute! Yummy! I want some. Maybe I'll make v-day ones....

Tiffany Yang said...

You did a good Job! These cookies looks pretty any yummy. Also, thank you for the link ^,^

ricebabies said...

amazing you attempted those. They look yummy.

Willitz said...

Becky, those cookies were EXCELENTE!!!!

ALELY said...

very cute cookies!

hubby is a banana too! he knows very little about Chinese New Year...growing up he said they did have dinners and of course red envelopes but for the most part that's about it.

we gave our kids their red envelopes yesterday : )

oh, and if you haven't stopped by my blog i'm having a giveaway. my favorite movie and a handstamped necklace made by your truly. come by when you can.

Sandy a la Mode said...

heheh YAY for peking duck!! i had some last saturday, soo good!

jozen said...

happy chinese new year! the cookies look absolutely delish!