Monday, January 31, 2011

card sharks

Katie has been talking about Valentine's Day for awhile now. We started a list of people she wants to send cards to.

The list has grown and grown. I warned Katie that we were looking at a lot of cards this year.

We decided to have a little card-making party to tackle the task.

I think the kids had fun. But, you wouldn't know it looking at these pictures.

Making cards is apparently serious business.

Looking through my pictures I have zero smiling faces.

But they did make some great-looking cards. I like seeing the creativity. Lia even made a pop-up card! I wish I had taken a picture of it.

Katie made a series of very uniform cards, very unusual for my more-is-better girl.

Maddie was a card-making machine and made more than 20 cards.

Mission complete.


ricebabies said...

Ha ha, That just means they were very focused. We haven't started ours yet.

Im going to have to go back later and read that post and check out that cd.
We are LOVING the Despicable Me soundtrack right now.

jen@odbt said...

Such a great idea. I agree...they were really concentrating on their work. My kids make the same faces when they're really working on a project.

Kati said...

those are awesome! Ben is doing the same thing right now! and I even busted out......glitter.

dana said...

very cute! and yea, I'm pretty serious when I'm in my groove too. I can't believe she made 20!

jozen said...

zoe has been talking about v-day for a while now too... but we haven't tackled card making yet!

ALELY said...

lol! pretty intense card making session these little ones had. they all turned out great!