Saturday, January 9, 2010

magnificently fantastic

We have met so many creative and talented friends in recent years. From sewing to photography, I feel inanely inept sometimes as I boast such talents as "buying things" (which I suppose I am terribly good at.)

One of our favorite families just put out their second album of children's music. A double album nonetheless.

Katie was so excited about the CDs. She loved Magnificent Fantastic's first album. The other day she was singing a made up song to the tune of Trash Truck, one of her favorite tracks.

She was beyond excited when she saw track #18 on CD 1.

Our friend Will/Scott asked me to write some lyrics awhile back. I'm a writer which is not to be confused with a songwriter. And, while I played the piano for seven years my repertoire includes the first couple of bars from a single sonata, and Heart & Soul.

He turned the lyrics into an awesome song. When she heard the song she said, "That's talking about me."

She asked me today if I could read her the lyrics for her bedtime story.

Thank you Magnificent Fantastic!

She's the more is better girl
Come on and give it a whirl
Take your clothes - put them in a pile
Let's do it Katie-style

Purse, shoebox, backpack --
Fill it up with stuff
If you can pull the zipper closed
It's not full enough
When it's stuffed shut
Sit back and smile
Now you've done it Katie-style

Maddie sees and mostly agrees
Try some boots that go up to your knees
Not enough stuff?
Head off to the store
'Cuz sometimes more is...
More toys, more animals, more play food
More dolls, more books, more pretty shoes

Going on a trip, England get a grip
Go the extra mile Katie-style
She's on her way
With some butter and some tea
To the Circus of Picadilly

Goin' on a trip, be back in a while
Think I'll do it Katie-style


miyo b. said...

omg - i can not wait to hear that song!!! love it!!

Daniele :) said...

That is the coolest thing ever! And what are you talking about? You are very creative...writing is the ultimate in creativity.

jen@odbt said...

How cool is that! A song about your girls and you as the songwriter. PS: I'm good at buying things too :)

imblerfamily said...

I had a little b-bop rhythm going on in my head while reading the lyrics.haha Would love to hear it too!

Don't be surprised if your phone rings and it's Beyonce asking you to write for her now!!!