Wednesday, December 30, 2009

more tales of the city

I miss the City's scenery, but what I miss most are friends and family.

We had an opportunity to spend some really great time with Halmoni when we were up last.

One of the days we went to the Habitot Children's Museum in Berkeley.

Katie really liked the face painting area. She painted both our faces.

Another day we spent with Great Grandma Beth and Grandpa John.

Katie insisted on the matching dresses. They wore these dresses more than once on the trip upon Katie's request.

Lyndsay took me out for my birthday to see The Hard Nut which was fun.

I'm not much of a ballet person, but enjoyed it. Some of the dance scenes were just fantastic.
We also saw our cousins Denise, Dean and their son Shane.

I never thought an 11-year old boy would have any interest in my Little Wickies, but I was so wrong. He was fantastic with them! He played with them, was attentive and just an all around sweetheart.

Shane is seriously going to make someone a awesome boyfriend/husband later in life.

Until next time, I'll be thinking of your gorgeous views and beautiful green-ness San Francisco!


Kati said...

so jealous! LOVE SF!!

jen@odbt said...

Katie has a future in make up :)