Thursday, November 29, 2012

flash back to summer

I've begun my annual race: going through the year's pictures in order to make calendars for holiday gifts. This year it's just plain embarrassing.

How bad, you ask?

I'm only in July.

Yes, July.

So, I present to you... a couple of snapshots from Mo's rainbow party.

Mo turned four in July.  The girl loves rainbows.  

Let me give you an example.  Every day when the sunlight shines through the decorative beveled trim -- which acts as a prism -- in our sliding glass door she shouts "Look, a rainbow!" and points to the place on the floor, arm of the chair, etc. where there is now a rainbow.

Every day.

Activities included rainbow necklaces made of Fruit Loops (the off-brand seemed not as colorful).

A rainbow "pass the package" game where every rainbow colored layer had a small prize.

There were rainbow snacks.

And, reincarnated rainbow decorations

I made an attempt at the rainbow cake that I'd seen floating around the blogosphere/pinterest world.

It was a hit with the kids, some of who swore the layers tasted different from one another.

Serving the cake without the thing tipping after halfway cut proved to be a challenge.

But this girl seemed happy, which was all that mattered.  Because that's why I do it.

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