Tuesday, November 6, 2012

a final special monday

Papa has been fortunate enough to work a 9/80 schedule for the last couple of years giving him every other Monday off.

We call them "Special Mondays" in our house.

Unfortunately, Special Mondays are going to be put on hold starting this month.

On our final Special Monday we were treated to spectacular 80 degree weather, so we celebrated it at the beach our favorite family place.

We picked up a pizza and then KT up from school and headed straight there.

KT loves boogie boarding right now.

The water is pretty cold now, so Mo opted to stay mostly dry sans wetsuit.

KT at sunset sporting her new grin minus yet another tooth!

A day after we set the clock back, sunset came early.

Bye for now Special Mondays.  Sniff, sniff.


Jennifer said...

Nice beach pictures! Sorry to hear you guys are loosing 9/80s. We have 9/80s and Special Fridays. Our two day weekends seem so short. :)

Pren said...

that's one happy crew right there! =)

miyo b. said...

Great Post!

Lyndsay said...

I love this picture! Love, Sarah

Jennifer Young said...

so much fun!! your kids are so beautiful!! xo