Sunday, November 13, 2011

what's the fair market price for teeth these days?

Katie has been hemming and hawing over whether to leave her tooth for the tooth fairy, or to keep it.

Last night she put her tooth in her tooth pillow along with a note.

"I wowa (would) like 3 dollars please."

Because apparently, the tooth fairy is open to negotiation.

Before bed she announced to us, "Okay, everyone line up to see my tooth one more time."

We each diligently fell into line, oohed and awed and said our appropriate farewells to the tiny tooth.

Oh, that girl...


jen@odbt said...

She's so adorable. Our TF leaves $5 for the first tooth then $2 of gold dollar coins for each tooth after.

Kati said...

Ben got $2 for the very first tooth. And then $1.50 for the 2nd. Mainly because he was playing with the tooth and lost it. The "tooth fairy"...ME...scoured our back patio until I found it. The tooth fairy left him a note telling him he was lucky he was getting anything!

Jenn Kirk said...

I think $3 is very reasonable! Smart girl (or, smart mommy?). A former coworker that lived in a snazzy Westlake area neighborhood once complained about the families she knew giving $100.

Jennifer Young said...

Oh my goodness Becky...this melts my heart!!!! what a little sweetheart! i laughed out loud when i read the "open to negotiation" sentence, lol!