Thursday, November 24, 2011

boys 2 men 2 dads

circa 1996

September 2002

November 2011

While they still act like teenage boys together at times, these boys have truly grown up and are dads to a pretty cute bunch of kids (yes, I'm obviously biased here).

We finally met the new addition Justin this month. Boy, I forgot how much they sleep at this age!

I took pictures of his sleeping feet, hands, etc. while I waited to shoot him.

I always love the tennis ball head baby fuzz...

Finally he woke up. What a cute boy.

Maybe someday we'll get all the 2036 crew and kids together, or at least a couple more of them.

Note to self: work on indoor night time photography...

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jozen said...

awe!!!! this is SO awesome! love this post becky!