Thursday, November 3, 2011

ideas please

I'd like to do an advent calendar this year with the girls.

Do you do an advent calendar with your kids? What do you put in there for each day?

I'm certainly not going to be sewing anytime soon, but I'm loving the look of these advent calendars...

Source: via Rebecca on Pinterest

Source: via Rebecca on Pinterest


ricebabies said...

I had the same thing. We did the bags, but I wasn't happy with them because they are so bulky. I like the idea of the clothes pins with envelopes but I just worry paper won't hold up over the years.
We are doing a small pocket chart I made from felt, much smaller and neater than the bags.
You could even just have a box that you could decorate and every night slip in the note or item. It could have a little count down days chart on one side ..ohhh..or you could spray it with chalk paint.? I have new ideas for myself. ha ha

jozen said...

we do a countdown every year, the girls love it. i don't put "items" in the bags so i don't really have a problem with bulkiness. I put a note in each bag listing our special "event for the day" and each day we do something special... make homemade hot chocolate, drive around and look at the christmas lights etc.

Catherine said...

I have been toying around with the idea of a handmade advent calendar, and I found plenty of inspiration in the book Countdown Calendars. They're not just for Christmas, which is a very good thing as I seriously think I will run out of time this year. Have fun, whatever you do!

miyo b. said...

last year we made a paper chain with different activities written on the inside of each one. super easy!