Sunday, September 18, 2011

mini bridesmaid

When Mo was a mere 4 months old I left her for almost a week to be in Lyndsay and Roberto's wedding in Mexico.

Now, nearly 3 years later, the bridesmaid dress I wore is her favorite dress up gown.

Today we went to a Princess Tea Party and she insisted on wearing it.

I had to do some serious jerry-rigging (think safety pins), but she was so happy even though she had to hold the dress up in order to walk.


ricebabies said...

Amazing, this is what mother - daughter stuff is made of. And no daughters for me, but I did wear my moms clothes.

So cute, great job. Now she can pass it on.

jozen said...

um, you totally look amazing in that last photo! 4 months post baby?! and so cute that she just loves that dress now :)

dana said...

that is so cool! I love how twisted it looks. really cute