Friday, September 2, 2011

weekend update

Someone told me you were supposed to lay low the first weekend after Kindergarten starts as your little one will be tired both physically and emotionally.

Probably good advice.

Which we did not take.

We started with a birthday beach party Saturday morning.

Mo and Lo completing the Beach Luge course

Then after some quick showers we drove to San Diego to meet Greg and Betsy who were in town and we rarely get to see.

The next day we all went to Sea World.

Greg summoning Shamu

Drove home late that night and started the second week of school the following day. Good thing she has afternoon Kindergarten, right?

This weekend will also be busy, but hopefully not quite as crazy as last.

You have big plans for the weekend?


jozen said...

sounds like such an awesome weekend!

Zoe starts grade 1 on Tuesday and Pia starts preschool!!! where has the time gone?!

Kati said...

hitting up BFC's annual parking lot sale, double movie date with some friends....and nothing else. And frankly, I like it that way....I don't know who's more exhausted from or Ben!

Alely said...

i'm glad you got to celebrate with lots of fun before first day of school! i hope she has a wonderful first day in kindergarten!

Alely said...

ooops, misread your post! she's already started school...glad she made it through her first week!

ricebabies said...

How did you take it? How did she take it? I cried my eyes out on first day of kindie. Time flies.
Your girls are so pretty.
We loved Disneyland and Seaworld is on our list.