Friday, November 12, 2010

oh my oh pie

We've had an uncut pumpkin sitting on our front porch for awhile now so I thought I'd try to make something from it.

I went online to read that jack o' lantern type pumpkins are not ideal for baking, and that you should use 3-4 lb. pumpkins for pie, muffins, etc.

Well, I didn't have a 3-4 lb. pumpkin on my porch I had a big, fat 10+ lb. pumpkin.

I went ahead and baked it and made my very first pumpkin pie yesterday.

Turned out pretty good, and it was fairly simple to make. I sort of tweaked a bunch of different recipes to make my pie (basically using the ingredients I had in my fridge/pantry).

Today, I've been combing through Dana's post to find some more recipes because I have an additional 4 cups of pumpkin puree.

Hit me up with a good recipe if you've got one...

Pumpkin Pie

1 unbaked pie shell (I did not make mine from scratch)
1 3/4 c. pumpkin purée
3 large eggs, lightly beaten
1/2 c. whole milk
1/2 c. brown sugar
1 Tbsp. pumpkin spice
1/4 tsp. salt

To roast your pumpkin split it half (or quarters if it's a big one). Scoop out seeds and hairy stuff. Bake in large pyrex/cookie sheet for about 60-90 minutes at 350 degrees. When you can insert a knife like butter through the pumpkin it's done. Cool, scoop out pumpkin from shell and puree.

Preheat the oven to 375˚. Line pie dish with the pastry. Combine the pumpkin with all remaining ingredient and mix thoroughly. Pour into the prepared crust and and bake for 50-60 minutes, until custard is set. A toothpick should come out clean halfway to the center of the pie. If the crust browns too quickly make a ring of aluminum foil to protect it during baking.

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dana said...

yum yum yum. Seriously, after all those recipes, all I really want it a s good ole pumpkin pie!