Monday, November 1, 2010

it's starting to look a lot like

Christmas. At least the mall sure looked like it today.

I was informed on Saturday that I'd better go buy more Halloween candy "just in case."

When I got to the seasonal candy aisle what did I find? All Christmas candy. I had to search out the uber-small selection of Halloween candy.

I know this complaint is not an uncommon one, but we were really jipped out of our normal summer this year, so I think that's why I'm a bit more puffed up about this than normal.

This morning -- Nov. 1 -- we were greeted with gorgeous weather.

So, not ready to adopt any sort of holiday spirit quite yet we hit the beach this afternoon.

Mo has finally embraced the water and was literally pouring buckets of it on herself today.

While the weather was nice, the water is NOT warm right now.

The more than frigid water did not bother Katie one bit.

The girl can be straight fearless when it comes to cold water.

She just runs in and plops herself down in it.

Everyone in the water were in full wet suits and there's my little girl fully submerged trying to body surf like "what? who thinks it's cold!?"


Kati said...

I love the last pic! Too cute!

Katie Shinden said...

Kira has no fear of cold ocean water either. Crazy girls!

jen@odbt said...

Love the last shot too. I know I've said this before but so jealous that the beach is so close. We have plenty of halloween candy if you still want some :)

dana said...

I love that little bum shot from behind. Kids bums are so cute! (and I mean that in a non-creepy sounding way)

Jenn Kirk said...

It's supposed to be cooling down I guess? I don't mind the heat, but it's weird mixing slip-and-slide and Christmas crafts in one day.