Wednesday, November 25, 2009

some jobs have rough hours

"Mama, Jesus don't sleep."

"Um, he doesn't?"

"No, he has to help people all over the world. He has lots of things to do."

"Sounds like a busy job."

Yeh, sometimes he don’t come home at night. He has a special job like firefighters do, they don’t always get to come home and sleep at home either.”

self portrait


jen@odbt said...

She is one very smart and cute girl. Happy Thanksgiving!

miyo b. said...

makes you wonder how many questions she asks her preschool teacher.

Kati said...

it's amazing how their mind works..and the amount of questions that can come from it!

joyfulgirl said...

Jesus & firefighters...who knew they had so much in common? I feel like such a lucky woman;)