Sunday, November 29, 2009


Yesterday was a busy day for the Little Wickies.

It started with swim class, then there was a baby shower at our house. The day continued with a birthday party in the afternoon and finished with a basketball game at the local high school where our friend Laura showed some young'ins at the alumni game that she's still got it.

Today, we slowed the pace down. We explored, took our time, we looked at things closely.

We did a little hike this morning.

Played with sticks.
And, climbed some trees.

Then, while Maddie napped, Katie and I headed out to meet some friends to check out "negative low tide" at Mondos.

We poked around and examined shells and the little things that live inside them as well as this "squirter" animal.

Sometimes slow days are good days...

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jen@odbt said...

Slow days are the best. I Heart Faces' theme is bottoms and the pic of the 2 girls walking is too cute. You should submit it.