Friday, October 19, 2012

oh, go boo someone

Yesterday KT had her last soccer practice.  I've been coaching this season and frankly, was somewhat relieved that the season is coming to a close.

KT who loves soccer + Mama who loves soccer = surprisingly little love during practice.

The majority of our practices have been well, frustrating.  There has been a lot of whining and crying, whining and crying that I don't believe would have taken place if I wasn't coaching.

After a somewhat painful afternoon/early evening we went out to "Boo" some friends with treats and I have to say -- it was the BEST remedy for us all being irked at each other.

I have not laughed with my kids that much in awhile.  Yes, they regularly say/do something funny, and I chuckle but this was in the all-three-of-us-pointing-at-each-other-laughing-so-hard-we-were-almost-crying category.

This morning Mo told me, "That was fun what we did last night."

So thanks T, A & E for boo-ing us.

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