Friday, October 12, 2012

friday kind of cookie

I'm not really a recipe follower.  

Okay, truth be told I'm not really a directions follower in general.  I consider myself industrious.  Some very notable inventions -- including the chocodilla and the dessert pizza -- have come out of my somewhat unorthodox style in the kitchen.

I'm known on Fridays to serve what we call smorgasbord dinners which is basically a hodgepodge of things -- mostly reincarnated leftovers.  

Today, I present the melange cookie (because using French words make it sound fancy).

We're talking cake flour, leftover mini Easter (yes, Easter) M&M packets, chocolate chips and almonds.

I belong to the more-stuff-in-your-cookie-the-better school of thought.  Basically, I work to have just enough dough to keep everything in it -- namely chocolate -- together.

I usually make about a dozen cookies the first day, and freeze the rest into little balls and keep them in a ziplock bag in freezer.

At first I thought the whole freezing thing would stop me from consuming so many cookies, but not really.

It just allows me to make 5 fresh cookies a day -- which I generally consume by myself.

Happy Friday!


Sandy a la Mode said...

that cookies looks soo yummy!

Sandy a la Mode

joyfulgirl said...

can i have 5 please?