Thursday, May 10, 2012

mo and her fighter

I was quite the tomboy growing up, always playing with my brother's G.I. Joes, watching Transformers, constructing spears out of bamboo in the backyard.

I've been realizing lately that we have a very girly house.

We recently received purple swords at a friend Jake's ninja party and these are recent tidbits of conversation from Mo.

"Mama, you hold onto this part, and boom with the other purple part."

"Where is my fighter!?" (referring to the sword)

"Mama! (crying) Sissy says this isn't a gun!!!" (waving the sword around for me to see)

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ricebabies said...

Wow, such a great job , Katie!!! She has such a sweet voice and seems so comfortable on the stage. I love the stomping in hard knocks life, such passion. We just watched Annie with our kids, such a classic.