Tuesday, May 29, 2012

the old gang

A million years ago (okay, maybe more like 14) four young folks met in Evanston, Illinois during grad school.

They became great friends.  They hung out a lot, they even took mini vacations together after they graduated.  Then, jobs, families, etc. took over our lives and...


10 years went by.

This month we met up for an extended weekend in Arizona.

We did a little touring around.  We hiked in Sedona and visited Taliesin West -- Frank Lloyd Wright's final home and for lack of a better word commune -- which I highly recommend checking out if you are in the area.  We also saw the Heard Museum and ate at a lot of great restaurants.

But mostly we just caught up with each other which was really great.

Clearly I need a wide angle lens.

And, yes I finally got an iPhone (the guy at Radio Shack literally chortled when I produced my antiquated phone from my purse during the purchase).

So here are some shots I took with my fancy new phone.


Sandy a la Mode said...

how fun!! i love meeting up w/ old friends~ and then chatting it up like it was just yesterday since we hung out!

Alely said...

love meeting up with old friends too and reconnecting.

so are you on instagram? i am and that's why i've been MIA from blogging. haha. what's your username? come find me i'm at:
alely d lee OR ohsweetleeme

hope to see you on instagram friend!