Friday, January 6, 2012

hot streak

We've successfully logged two beach days in 2012, so it's looking like a good year so far.

We had a little hot spell (didn't have as many as we usually do the last couple of months) and took advantage of it.

Last weekend we took our leftover Chinese food to the beach for lunch. Then today, we headed over after school let out.

The water is COLD right now. But that didn't stop the girls.

Note: no one else in the water

Katie would do this every time the water hit her.

One of my favorite things about the beach is that it always has new things to explore.

First thought we were stepping on stones till we took a closer look.

And, found they were tiny little shells with little living things (technical term) in them. You could actually see some poking out of the shells when the tide pulled back a bit.

Today we met up with some friends for lunch who didn't bring their bathing suits for fear of it being too cold.

You can see how that ended up.


jen@odbt said...

My kids love finding "clams" (at least that's what we call them). They have races on the beach with them...see who's can dig into the sand the fastest. Enjoy the warmth and looks awesome.

Lyndsay said...

So cute! I love Katie's new haircut! Adorable!!

Alely said...

awww....what a fun family day at the beach! happy new year friend!


Jenn Kirk said...

Kids are always immune to that crazy cold water. I miss it! And I can almost smell the beach looking at these pics.

Jennifer Young said...

What a perfect day, Becky! It's crazy how easy it is to forget that I live on the coast when things get busy. I need to start going to the beach more--especially with this weather we've been having...thanks for reminding me. :)

You have such a beautiful family!

jozen said...

your pics are pure heaven for me right now. it's below freezing and there is snow on the ground!