Tuesday, January 31, 2012

conversations with a 6-yr old

Katie with her flea market find: a dolphin for her charm bracelet

Katie was sick this weekend, so instead of attending a birthday party, I made her go to the flea market with me.

I was shopping when I look up and next to me is a girl who is impossibly skinny and way too pretty and flawless for a flea market. I look back and there is a large man with sunglasses following 4 feet behind her. Turns out it was Taylor Swift.

Me: Katie, see that girl with the cream colored dress on?

KT: Yes.

Me: That's the girl who wrote and sings the song that mommy is learning how to play on the piano right now.

KT: Back to December?

Me: Yes.

KT: Why are you whispering?

Me: Well, she's famous and I want to give her some privacy.

KT: How famous is she?

This is where our conversation faltered. I mean, how do you rank famous-ness in the world of a 6-year old? Less famous than Elmo, more famous than Cailou?

Our conversation descended into what other songs she sang (I only knew one other); how many people in the world know who she is; in what countries people knew her in; etc., etc.


jen@odbt said...

Love her charm! You have lots of fun sightings with singers. Didn't you see Jack Johnson too?

jozen said...

too funny! Zoe LOVES Taylor Swift, she would have probably been the one to point her out to me, since I am so clueless when it comes to those kind of things! LOL

Jennifer Young said...

how cute!!
which flea market were you at?
i want to go! :)

Becky said...

Ventura Flea Market -- you should come next time!

Shannon said...

Now that's a legit celeb sighting! In the four years I lived in Laguna Beach I only saw Freddy Krueger and Brody from The Hills. Womp, womp.

Anonymous said...

Second friend to spot Taylor swift in the last two weeks.

You play piano? Never knew.