Friday, October 7, 2011

our favorite guy

The week's highlights...

-- Celebrating Papa's birthday this week with a surfing themed party for four.

-- Mo picking up a piece of cereal off the ground in the garage; eating it and proclaiming "that was tasty"

-- Katie volunteering to read passages at choir off the dry erase board. She may only know about 50+ sight words, but you have to give the girl credit for her gumption.

-- Mo doing her dolphin kick in the pool (note to self: need to get some video of this)

Have a great weekend!


jen@odbt said...

Happy Birthday to Papa - what a cute shot of him and his girls.

Go Katie! I love that they are so confident and sure of themselves at this age...wish that gumption would carry on in their tween/teen/adult years.

Sandy a la Mode said...

awww happy birthday to your hubby!!

smallburst said...

Happy birthday to your DH. MIne just had a bday too and we went to Medieval Times. The kids had such a blast (& we did too)!