Monday, October 24, 2011

an afternoon with katie

Today Papa and Mo spent some time together while Katie and I hung out at home. Seems like all I used to have was time with Katie, but now there isn't a whole lot of it when it's just her and I.

While watching a little P&P we finally finished the 300+ puzzle she had been working on for almost a week.

She was pretty fired up to put that last piece in...

And, yes that's a 'Painter of Light' painting. When it comes to thrift stores, there's not a whole lot of selection in the 200-300 piece puzzle range.

Katie initially asked if the puzzle was a photograph. When I told her it was a painting she was amazed. "Wow, it looks so real!"

(Flash to Katie's house 20 years from now: cheesy pictures of dolphins, bridges and light houses everywhere ... ugh.)

Katie then had the idea that we should draw the picture of the puzzle ourselves.

Katie's picture of the puzzle. Believe me, you don't want to see mine (so I guess I shouldn't be knocking Kinkade).

We finished off the afternoon with her teaching me how to make origami frogs and hats.

All in all, an afternoon well spent.


Kati said...

I am impressed! At 33 I do not have the patience for puzzles...but P& THAT I could watch anytime!

Tabitha said...

Sweet times!!!

jozen said...

so sweet... this post made me think that i should spend an afternoon with my zoe too.

ricebabies said...

That is very sweet. I try and make time for each of my kiddos. It gets hard but when you do get to steal those moments, they are so special.

Alely said...

awwww....sweetness! they do grow quickly so cherish the moments when you have the opportunity.