Tuesday, October 19, 2010

for mo

Maddie loves yellow. When she paints she always chooses yellow paper and yellow paint. Her work is like modern art you see in museums.

When we shop she always grabs random yellow clothing. Most of the time we are not shopping for her as she has a ton of beautiful hand-me-downs from both her sister and Dylann.

Today I found this in a thrift store and had to buy it for her.

Looked up the label and it turns out I scored a vintage 1950s Jean Durain dress for $5.


Jennifer said...

Ah!! This dress speaks to my heart. I too, have a love affair with yellow. And, for such a steal! Nice work.

joyfulgirl said...

that dress is just beauty-full!!!

dana said...

ooo. that's so cute! I want it!

Jen said...

Ooh do they make it in my size? I'm with Maddie- yellow is the best color, especially with a crisp white. Too cute.

jozen said...

wow... that dress super duper cute! love it!