Saturday, October 16, 2010

celebrity sighting

Pulling into a Montecito neighborhood on the way to a lovely friend’s baby shower.

Jen: Okay guys, THAT’S Jack Johnson.

Tracy (rolling down her window): Hey, great show this week!

He walks over to the car pushing a stroller (I'm guessing being five moms and a baby in a minivan is a less-than-threatening scenario).

I dig frantically through Miyo's purse looking for my camera.

Tracy: I was one of the people underneath you when you were surfing the crowd this week.

He reaches in the car to shake Tracy’s hand and then shake’s Jen’s hand. Amy, in the backseat thrusts her hand out the window between Tracy and the front window. He shakes her hand.

Tracy: Becky in the back was also at your concert too.

He glances through the tinted windows and waves.

I wave frantically at him even though he can’t see me, snapping pictures like a maniac.

He walks away.

Amy: I should have called shotgun.

Jen: I had to be driving a minvan when I meet Jack Johnson?



jen@odbt said...

SO COOL!!! Love Jen's comment.

The lady of the house... said...

this is awesome and hilarious all at once.

just came upon your blog as i'm "blog hopping" while the kiddos nap.

you've got some great ideas and i love the way you embrace life to the fullest.

happy blogging!!!

Sandy a la Mode said...

OMG!!!! i can't believe you met jack johnson!! that is sooo awesome!!!! i totally freeze when i see celebrities haha!

joyfulgirl said...

still bummed you girls didn't invite him in. guess that might have been slightly weird though. still, it was fun to hear about your "sighting"

jozen said...

i heart jack johnson!!