Thursday, October 24, 2013


The vast majority of our friends camp.

We do not.

While this has been a non-issue for most of my life, kids -- shockingly -- have made this a complication, as all they want to do is "go camping like their friends."

Thank goodness for cabins.  Or, should I say kabins as the clever marketing people at the KOA have branded them.

This fall break I took the kids down to San Diego with some friends.

To say the kabins were a hit is an understatement.  A place where bunk beds are only trumped by

a porch swing.

Let me reiterate.  I. do. not. camp.  We own no camping gear.  I came armed with an electric kettle (the kabin had an electrical outlet).  It's amazing how much you can make with hot water -- cup o noodles, instant mac n cheese, coffee, need I go on?

We spent one of the days at Sea World.

(that's how the gangsters roll with one polka dotted legging up, right?)

After all that kamping, we had to stop at Fin's on the drive back.  I mean mommy earned that -- being all by myself!

Happy fall break!

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