Friday, August 31, 2012

My apologies to the man

who pulled into the parking space after me at school today.

He probably stepped in a puddle of puke. 

It was like any other morning.  I pull into the school parking lot.  I open the door to let Mo out. 

“My stomach doesn’t feel good.” 

Then, she does that telltale cough/burp sound.

I pull her out of the car and she pukes.  And, pukes.  It would be the one day that she had a big breakfast. 

I grab the phone and call Miyo.  She’s pulling into the parking lot.  I ask her if she can walk KT into school since Mo is now naked after having pulled her pukey dress off her.  She says yes. 

I start working to bag up Mo’s pukey dress and the wet wipes I used to clean up her hands and face.  KT starts yelling from in the car “I have to go to the bathroom.” 

Of course you do. 

A happier Mo.

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