Saturday, December 17, 2011

ignore the man behind the curtain

My friend Jayne told me this morning she sometimes get mad when she comes over to my house because it seems "perfect and clean" (her words).

For those of you who might be disillusioned into thinking I am a neat or organized person -- above is the state of my dining room right now.

Other rooms in my house unfortunately follow suit.

I could make up excuses about work deadlines, holiday parties, etc. but the bottom line is I'm kind of a slob. I've always been one, and I'll probably always be one.

Thank you Song, for bearing with me.


Tabitha said...

If only my house looked that good when it is messy (which is constantly) ;)

jozen said...

um, that is NOT messy at all woman!

smallburst said...

LOL. Is it wrong that I first looked at the picture on your wall? I love them-I love the marin headlands. Where did you get those!! BTW-with kids around it's really hard to keep up. That's what I tell myself anyways. And really, your dining room isn't that bad.

Jenn Kirk said...

Huh? This must be the ONE bad day, because every time I've been there it has looked great. Even with a million people and kids milling about.